Search can be found at the top of the Main Navigation, where it can be easily accessed from anywhere in the platform. With Search, you can find anything in your platform quickly and efficiently.




Using Search

  1. Go to the top of the Main Navigation and click on Search.
  2. On the slide-out panel, type your search term into the field.
  3. As you type, a list of Quick Results from across all views will begin to populate below the search field that match or closely match the term you are entering, allowing you to quickly connect with people or content relevant to your search.


  4. Pressing the blue enter key will conduct a full search for the terms you have entered.
  5. The slide-out panel will expand to full screen and display the matching results.
  6. To view the results for a particular view only, click on its corresponding button at the top of the list. These buttons will also show the number of matches found in their respective view:



Mobile Search

Search is slightly different in the Jostle mobile app. You can see the full details here.




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