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Jostle provides advanced sorting and filtering options in many areas of your platform, including News, People, Activity, and Tasks. With these options, users can do such things as: target specific workgroups, group related News items together, or surface specific files or documentsand then choose how they want the results to be displayed.

These options can be found on panels accessible via the filter (funnel) icons located in the action bars at the top of each of those previously-mentioned areas.

For example, in People:




Or above Activity:





The available filters and settings vary from view to view, but all panels include a "reset" option so users can easily revert their view back to its default settings:




Tasks (shown above) filters include:

  • Completion Status
  • Assigned to
  • Archive Status

People filters include:

  • Online Status
  • Location
  • Org Unit
  • Custom Filter
  • Badges
  • Recently Hired (Join Date)
  • (Upcoming) Birthdays/Work Anniversaries

News filters include:

  • Read Status
  • Category
  • Most Likes/Views/Comments

Activity filters include:

  • Item type
  • Show/hide replies


NOTEthere is also a filter feature in Teams, but it is not for the view itself. Rather, it appears on the People Picker tool that Teams Admins can use to manually build out your organization's team charts.



Other areas, like Library and Discussions, have stand-alone sorting options. These are indicated in their action bars by the sorting (downwards arrow) icon:





When you save any of your customized settings, the filter icon will change from an outline to appear "half full":



The icon will remain that way so long as your customized options are saved and displayed. Resetting them back to the default settings, will revert the icon back to its default appearance.


Browser Conditions

Filter settings are saved to your browser, so any filters you set up in a specific browser will not be visible in any other browsers. If you use multiple browsers you will have to set up your filters separately in each instance.

For the same reason, filters will disappear if you remove your cookies in the browser or if you are using it in private mode and won’t work if you are using a link to log in on Jostle (for example, clicking an invitation link to a News Article).








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  • 0
    Pam Shelnut

    Our filter drawer in News view has a "custom article" under items.  When I select it as my filter, it returns no results.  To my knowledge, we don't have the option to create a custom article.   It does not appear under our Stories drop down.  

    Would someone please share some insight into what "custom article" is used for?  

    Thanks, Pam

  • 0
    Brad Palmer


    A custom article is an article type that an organization can enable and give a unique name. This is done in the gear menu. It appears that in your case custom article is disabled which is why you don't see it in the stories drop down. In the case of the filter drawer there is a bug that is displaying this choice even when it it is disabled. This is being fixed and will be in a future release.

    Hope that helps, Bruce

  • 0
    Pam Shelnut


    Thanks so much.  I will update the settings and have my team begin to use this feature.  I really appreciate your help! 

    Thanks, Pam


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