Logging in and resetting your password


Login options

To log in, enter your username/email and password on the login screen. Before clicking the Login button you can also enable either of the following options:

Saving your email

You can check Remember email to save your email address in the Email Address field. Please note that even without this option checked some browsers will save the address.



Staying logged in

You can set Jostle to stay logged in even when you close your browser by checking Keep me logged in prior to logging in. Remember that you will have to log out manually to completely log out of Jostle. This feature lets you navigate straight into the Jostle application without needing to log in each time.



Password options

NOTE—Password reset/change features may not be available if you are using SSO (single sign-on) service. If you are using SSO and having login problems, you will need to contact your System Administrator for assistance.


Forgotten password 

If you have forgotten your password you can reset it by clicking the Forgot password? link on the login page. On the next screen, enter your username/email, click Continue, and follow the prompts to create a new password. NOTE—if your organization uses Multi-factor Authentication (see below) clicking this link will automatically reset your MFA settings.



Password change (non-SSO)

If you would like to change your password, click the action menu icon (three dots) next to your name at the bottom of the Main Navigation and go to My Preferences > Sign-in & Security and click on Change my password (at the very bottom of the screen). You'll need to enter your current password in order to create a new password. 



NOTE—if your organization uses an MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) login, then you will see the option to reset those settings as well (clicking Change my password will not reset your MFA settings).



Password Tips

A strong password should have at least 8 characters, minimum. You need to choose a password that is long enough (a longer password would be even better). It should include:

  • Numbers
  • Symbols
  • Lowercase
  • Uppercase

The password must not contain your usernames, real name, company name or easy words (e.g. Jostle123, Mary-Jostle, password).

Use something that you like or something that you can never forget. Here are some examples:

  • If you like chocolate: Ch0c0|@t3   or   I<3Ch0col@t3
  • If you like to travel:   Trav3l@th3W0rld
  • If you have children you can use their birthdays: 94-M@y15&98-N0v12

Don't share your password and do not write them down or store them in a plain text.


Logging out

To log out, click the action menu icon (three dots) next to your name in the Main Navigation and select "Log out".



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    Justin brauer

    Hello. I am trying to sign up to Jostle so that I can keep up with videos for work. I work for 24-7intouch and have not been able to gain access to watch any of then. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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