Scheduled Reviews for Library Items


This feature allows organizations to assign and schedule periodic reviews of their important documentation (policies, procedures, benefits forms, etc.) to ensure that they always remain current, correct and compliant.


Table of contents

  1. Permissions
  2. Managing Reviews (Category Librarians)
  3. Assigning Reviews (Volume Librarians)
  4. Completing Reviews (Item Contacts)



There are three levels of permissions involved with this feature:


Category Librarians

  • can disable/enable the review feature on Volumes 
  • can set a default "Next Review Date" and "Repeat" frequency
  • can allow for custom review dates to be set by Volume Librarians

Volume Librarians

  • can set reviews for items in their Volumes (where this feature has been enabled)
  • can set custom review dates (if the Category Librarian has allowed it)

Item Contacts

  • are the only people who can complete reviews
  • if Tasks is enabled, they can receive and track system-generated review tasks for their items

NOTE—it's possible for a Volume Librarian to assign a review to themself if they are also the Contact for the item they're setting a review for.


Managing Reviews (Category Librarians)

Reviews are enabled on all Volumes by default. However, Category Librarians have the ability to disable/re-enable this feature as they see fit. They can set this option in the Volume Settings section of a Volume's Info panel (accessed by opening a Volume in Library and then clicking the i-icon in the top right corner).

Here, they can also choose to either:

  • set defaults for how often reviews are set (via Next Review Date and Repeat and selecting Allow Custom Review Dates > Disabled), or
  • let Volume Librarians customize these settings themselves, per item (by selecting Allow Custom Review Dates > Enabled)




Assigning Reviews (Volume Librarians)

Volume Librarians are responsible for setting up the reviews of items in their Volumes. They will have a Scheduled for Review list added to their Library to help track and/or manage the reviews of any items in their Volumes (whether they assigned them or another Volume Librarian did) as wells as reviews that have been assigned to them.




If you are a Volume Librarian, there are two ways you can set up a review: 

- Via the Edit link in the Review section of an item's Info panel:




- Or via the clock icon under the new Scheduled Review column in Library:




Click on either one, and you'll be taken to the Set Next Review modal.

  • If the Category Librarian has enabled custom settings, then on the modal you will be able to set the date and frequency of the reviews or use the Volume Defaults that the Category Librarian has provided:




  • If the Category Librarian has NOT enabled custom settings, then you can only use the Volume Defaults. They will be auto-populated and you will not be able to access or adjust any of the review settings (except for Set Review/Don't Review).




After you click Save on the modal to set the review, the clock icon under the Scheduled Review column will appear darker for that item, and hovering over it will display the item's next review date. This will also be updated on the Contact's Scheduled for Review list. 



NOTE—if you're also the Contact for the item you're setting for review, then you'll end up assigning the review to yourself. This will not cause any problems with the review process.


Completing Reviews (Item Contacts)

If you are the Contact for an item that has been scheduled for review, you will see it appear on your Library's Scheduled for Review list:




As soon as it is within 30 days of an item's review due date, a Due for Review indication will appear in its Next Review Date column, and you'll be able to complete your review the next time you open the item (an item's review feature will not be enabled prior to 30 days before its due date).




If your platform includes Tasks, then you will also be assigned a task when the item is eligible for review. The task will include a link to the item, so you can conveniently click on it and complete the review right from the task itself.




Once you have completed your review and made any needed updates to the item, check off the review confirmation at the top of the screen.




This will automatically update the item's Last Reviewed On date on its Info panel, and, if applicable, mark the assigned review task as "Complete".





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