Direct Messages



Direct Messages is a format specifically designed to help users manage their ongoing one-on-one chats.

Direct Messages key features:

  • They have their own dedicated Category in the Discussions view.
  • They can only have a maximum of two participants
  • They are listed by name and Profile pic of the recipient
  • There is a maximum of one Direct Message created per recipient 

NOTE—You can no longer convert existing one-on-one Discussions into Direct Messages. If you have started a Discussion with someone that you wish to convert to a Direct Message, you will have to start a new Direct Message (which will not include the history of your Discussion).


Managing Direct Messages

Starting a new Direct Message

To start a new Direct Message

  1. In the Discussions view, go to the action bar at the top and click the "+".
  2. Select "Direct Message"
  3. On the New Direct Message form, enter the name of the person you would like to add.
  4. Once you have selected your recipient, scroll back up to the action bar and click "Start Direct Message"



NOTE—you can delete a Direct Message by opening the action menu (three dots icon) in the top right corner and selecting "Delete Direct Message", but please be aware that it removes the Direct Message completely for both participants.



Accessing Direct Messages

Once created, a Direct Message will automatically appear in the Direct Messages category and will be titled with your recipient’s name alongside their Profile pic. You can also click, hold, and drag on a Direct Message if you wish to move it to a Custom category of your own.

You can access your Direct Messages in the following ways:

  • In the Discussions view (via Direct Messages)


  • In Teams view (via link on Role card popover menu)


  • In the People view (via link on Profile pic popover menu or link on Profile card)



Additional Discussions

While you can only have one Direct Message per person, you can still create multiple one-on-one Discussions with any of your Direct Message partners. This can be useful if you have a side topic or special project that you wish to discuss, but keep separate from the day-to-day content of your Direct Message.

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  • 0
    Hans Lodewijck

    Is there a possibility to delete Direct Message?

    Sometimes you want to start with a clean conversation.

  • 0
    Keith Parsons

    Same question as Hans - To unclutter the list of discussions you have in progress it would be nice to be able to delete old direct messages.

  • 0
    Felicia Dannemann

    Agreed - our environment has 1600 users and someone who generated a one-time direct message with me I would like to "hide" from my DM list until such a need to talk again arises. I'm not as concerned about deleting the content, just keeping my DM list clean --- like I can in Ring Central.

  • 0
    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Felicia - while the ability to delete a Direct Message has been available for a while now, there isn't a way to hide or archive active DMs.

    But if you'd like, you can make a formal request for just such a feature to be added via our Feature Requests forum.  Other users will be able to see and vote on your request. Jostle regularly reviews the requests and the ones that get the most upvotes stand the best chance of making it into an upcoming release.


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