The Basics: Bulk Uploading (People & Photos)


The Basics is a collection of tutorials that have been designed to introduce new users to key aspects of the Jostle platform without getting too "in-depth" (more detailed information on these topics can be found elsewhere in the Guide - but here, we're just sticking to "the basics"). The topics covered here include: Bulk Uploading People and Bulk Uploading Profile Photos.


Bulk Uploading People

Uploading your colleagues' data in bulk can be a real timesaver. Here's how you can do it using a Jostle template.

Download template

Template link (link location in the Jostle platform)

  1. Click the Admin Settings link in the lower left corner of the screen to go to Administration Settings, then scroll down to User Data to/from Other Systems > Import Users (CSV)
  2. On the Import users screen, select the option “Jostle User Template” and then click Continue
  3. On the next screen, click View user template and instructions This will take you to the “Jostle Users Template glossary”, a guide page in our Forum.
  4. Click the “Download this attachment” link at the top of the screen and follow the steps provided to download the template.

Template link (Template glossary direct link)


Enter data

When it has finished downloading, minimize your browser window and open the template. You should now see a spreadsheet with all the profile fields that can be populated. Only the first four of these are required though:

  • Username
  • Work email*
  • First name
  • Last name

*We recommend using the work email as the Username (if not, then the Username must still appear in an email format, eg.


Tip: As you enter the required data, add any additional info that you can - such as phone numbers, join date and birthdate. The more data, the more engaging and effective the platform.


Import data

Once your file is ready to go, save it to your computer. Then maximize your internet browser, go back to your Jostle tab, and do the following:

  1. Select the date format to match the format you used in your spreadsheet
  2. In the “Invite” drop down box, make sure “Invite no one” is selected.
  3. Then click the Upload button.

If the import worked, you’ll see the success screen. If the import did not fully work you’ll see a screen with a link to download the error file to determine what went wrong. The most common reasons for the import not working are:

  • Date format entered in Jostle doesn’t match the format in the spreadsheet
  • Duplicate Usernames
  • Usernames that are not in an e-mail format

After you find and fix the error with your import, save it and try the import again.


Bulk Uploading Profile Photos

As soon as all your colleagues have a Jostle profile, you can upload their photos. This can be also done in bulk if you have a zip file that contains all the available photos of your colleagues.

Note - Each of the photos must have a file name that either matches the employee’s username ( OR is their first name and last name separated by a space (e.g. Bob Smith.jpg).

To upload the profile photos

  1. Click the Admin Settings link in the lower left corner of the screen to go to Administration settings, then scroll down to User Accounts and Data > Upload/Download User Photos.
  2. Next, click on the grey “Choose File” button at the bottom of the screen. Select your zip file from your computer and upload the file.
  3. If the upload is successful, click on the word “People” in the left navigation bar.

This will take you to the People view, where you should now see the photos of all your colleagues smiling back at you.

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