The Basics: Adding & Assigning Locations


The Basics is a collection of tutorials presented in both video and text format that have been designed to introduce new users to key aspects of the Jostle platform. In-depth information on these topics can be found elsewhere in the Guide - but here, we're just sticking to "the basics". The following tutorials include: Adding Locations and Assigning People To Locations.

Please refer to the content below the video for any updated UI references.


Adding Locations

Locations are exactly what they sound like – the places across the city, country, or globe where your organization can be found. Setting up your Locations in Jostle is important - it will allow you to target content appropriately, making your intranet more powerful and relevant.

To add a new Location

  1. Click the Admin Settings link at the bottom of the Main Navigation to go to Administration settings, then scroll down to Filters and Badges > Configure Official Locations
  2. On the Official Locations screen, scroll down to “Add an Official Location”.
  3. In the “Address Alias” field to enter a name for your location – for example, “Headquarters”.
  • Note that city, state and country are also optional details here. If your organization has numerous locations, the more fields you fill out, the easier it will be to target your organization’s information (for example, if you have multiple locations within New Mexico, by adding that in the State information you will be able to easily generate a list of all your staff in New Mexico). However, if your organization only has a few locations, then using the “Alias” name on its own will create a list that’s simple for everyone to use.
  1. Once you have filled in your information, click ‘Save’.

You can now view how your Locations Filter looks by going to People and clicking on the Filter Icon in the top right corner. The next step is to assign Locations to your people.


Assigning People To Locations

Once you have set up your organization’s Locations, the next thing to do is assign each person in your organization to their Location.

There are few ways to do this:

Edit a person’s Location through their Profile.

  1. In the People view, click on a Profile picture
  2. On the Info tab, click the blue Edit button
  3. Scroll down to the Location field and select the correct Location from the dropdown menu
  4. Click “Save”

Edit a person’s Location through Administration settings

  1. Click the Admin Settings link in the lower left corner of the screen to go to Administration settings, then scroll down to User Accounts and Data > Edit, Invite, Disable Users.
  2. Enter an individual’s name and click the Search button.
  3. Click on the EDIT link that appears next to their name
  4. Scroll down to the Location field and select the correct Location from the dropdown menu
  5. Scroll down to the bottom and click “Save Changes.”

NOTE—if you want to add multiple people to a Location at once, just include this information in your bulk uploading spreadsheet. Details for doing this can be found in The Basics: Bulk Uploading.

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