Check-in with Reporters and Librarians


Now that you have your platform up and running, it's a perfect time to check in with some other members of your team. Here are some good starting points:

News Reporters output

Are they publishing at the agreed pace? If they are stuck for content, they can still keep their output fresh by visiting the Customer Resources Blog. There, Jostle has provided a number of ready-made articles that can easily be published as Web Articles on your own News view (these can be found in the In The Workplace section).

Be encouraging and take time to address any anxieties and to help them brainstorm story ideas. 

Have a fresh look at the many ways you can make News more engaging.

Library Curation

Keeping Library Volumes current and organized is of the highest importance. Check in with your organization’s Librarians and reinforce this by going over some key points:

  • Is each Volume being kept up-to-date?
  • Does each Volume have a proper description?
  • Is each Volume set to the correct visibility?
  • Are any files being “Recommended” (and if not, should they be)?
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