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Links is your links repository (“Links” is also the default name, but it can be renamed by System Administrators). This is where any links to resources, websites, or tools helpful and/or essential to you and your organization can be collected and stored for easy access.

The Links slide-out panel contains two sections: Shared Link Categories and My Link Categories.

Shared Link Categories is where you'll find the links used by your organization. System Admins can make the links Org-wide  – available to everyone in your org or separate them into custom categories based on Teams, Locations, etc. The list of Shared Categories is viewable by everyone, but each list is only accessible to those who have permission.

My Link Categories is where you can add and store your Personal links. You can also create your own Categories to help you separate and manage long lists. These links are only viewable and accessible by you.

NOTE—for legacy customers whose platforms had the previous version of Links, then each section will already have a default Category created: Org-Wide (Shared Categories) and Personal (My Categories). These are where you can find your links that were placed under those same titles in the previous version of Links.

For easy access, System Admins can take two org links and make them into Custom Views which will be added directly to the Main Navigation.


*System Administrators can customize the name of this view, so it may not appear as "Links" for your org.



This view does not support any dedicated Administration roles.  Administrative control is given to the System Administrator.

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