Listings (overview)


NOTE—System Administrators can set this view to a custom name, so it may appear as  "Listings", "Classifieds" or something completely different, in your platform's Main Navigation.



Listings provides a place for members of your organization to post listings, ads, or notices for items or services they wish to buy, sell, or give away (which also has the benefit of keeping such notices from cluttering up your work email inbox). It can also be customized to display multiple types of listings, not just buy-and-sell.

Click on Listings from the Main Navigation to see all currently active listings, with details including the title, who posted it, when it expires, and how many views it has received.

To view a full listing, just click on its title from the list.





Listings supports two administrative roles with the following permissions:

Creators (assigned by: Managers)

  • Add, edit, and delete their own listings

Managers (assigned by: System Administrators)

  • Add, edit, and delete their own listings
  • Edit or delete any Creator’s listings
  • Create and manage Categories



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    Kate Hines

    Can you view who has viewed the listings ? 


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