Hiding the Main Organization in Teams


There are a number of reasons why you might want to hide the Main Organization Chart in Teams view, which is intended as a single chart that defines the main hierarchy of your organization:

  • Your organization does not have a formal reports-to hierarchy.
  • You need a little more time to set up your Main Organization, but want to go ahead and launch your platform while you sort through it.
  • You are looking to make substantial changes to the org structure as it is currently set up and need to hide it while you do these edits.

To hide the Main Organization Chart 

  1. Click Teams in the Main Navigation.
  2. In the column on the left, click on and open the Main Organization Category.
  3. Click on the Main Org Chart’s name (the name at the top of the list) and hover over its i-icon.
  4. On that Chart’s i-menu, go to SysAdmin Actions and select “Show or Hide Chart”.




  • A hidden Main Org Chart will still be visible to System Admins.
  • When you are ready to go live with your Main Organization structure, simply repeat the process above.
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