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Library is intended to be the go-to place for all of your organization's reference material and documentation. A place where you can quickly find the current copy of forms, budgets, policies and the like. It solves the problem of searching in your shared files for "budget" and finding 5 different files all marked something like "Budget final". In Library , the search for a file is quick and the version you find is the only (and most current) version of that file.

In other words, Library is where you'll find the 'golden copy' of any key piece of information for your organization.


Categories & Volumes

Library is made up of Categories, which in turn are made up of Volumes. Volumes are designed so that they can be organized and curated in a way that enables people to find the current copy of what they need quickly.

If you click "Browse" at the top of the column on the left side in Library, you'll reveal the Category and Volume list. Clicking on a Category will expand its Volume list and display it in the main view. Clicking on a Volume will do the same for the items in that Volume. And clicking on any item will enable you to view it.




When a Category, Volume, or individual item is selected, you can also click on the i-icon in the action bar at the top of the screen to open an Info panel that includes detailed information about the selected property as well as who to contact, should you have any questions about it.






Library supports two administrative roles with the following permissions:

Volume Librarians (assigned by: Category Librarians)

  • Add files
  • Move files (between Volumes they are a Librarian for)
  • Edit Volume name and description
  • Export usage stats
  • Download files to .zip

Category Librarians (assigned by: System Administrators)

  • Add Volumes
  • Assign Volume Librarians
  • Move Volumes (between Categories they are a Librarian for)
  • Edit Volume Visibility
  • Block downloading of Volumes


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    Kate Withington

    Is it possible to download all contents saved in our Library onto a spreadsheet?  Kind regards, Kate

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    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Kate,

    It's not possible to download all your Library content to a spreadsheet. However, you are able to download it into .zip files, on a Volume-by-Volume basis (via the Volume's action menu).


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    Is there a way to be alerted when new documents are added to a Library volume?


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