Creating Events (for Events Creators and Managers)


Assigning Creators

If you are an Events Manager, you can assign and manage Events Creators using Creator Groups as follows:

  1. Click on Events in the Main Navigation
  2. Then go to the Action Bar and click the Gear icon on the far right
  3. Select “Events Admins”
  4. Go to the column on the left and under Creator Groups click on a group (or create a new one using the Edit link) and then go to the Members heading and click Edit to add people as Creators to that group.

NOTE—As this process uses the List Selector, you can also assign Teams, Locations, and Org Units as Creators. 


To create an Event

Managers and Creators can create an Event as follows:

1. Go to the Main Navigation and click Events

2. Once there, click “Add New Event” from the Action Bar



3. On the New Event form, fill in the following details of your event:

      • Title
      • Location
      • When (One-time or Repeat Event)
      • Description 
      • Header Images (upload images - optional)
      • Attach files (upload documents - optional)
      • Embed videos (from LIBRARY - optional, see how here)


4. Next, go to the Options column on the left. Here’s where you can set your Event's invitees, the Event visibility (in the calendar), RSVP settings (including a deadline and guest limit), Commenting (on/off), and the Publish Date for the Event notice.


The default invite setting is for "Everyone" (in your platform). If you’re not creating an org-wide Event, then click the blue Edit button under “Invite Everyone”. Here you can opt to create a Custom List by adding individual invitees or groups filtered by Locations, Teams, Employee Types or Org Units.


Depending on the settings you choose, your Event will appear in people's calendars with one of three possible tags: Everyone's invited, Private (including you), or FYI only. Below explains each one and the settings needed to create them.

Everyone's invited

Invite: Everyone Visible to: Everyone

Everyone in your organization has been invited to this Event and everyone can see it on their own calendars.

Examples: All-hands meetings, Holiday events

Private (including you)

Invite: Custom List Visible to: Invitees only 

Only a select group of people have been invited to this Event, and only they can see it on their calendars.

Examples: Team or Department-based activities, Location-based events

FYI only

Invite: Custom List Visible to: Everyone 

Only a select group of people have been invited to this Event, but everyone in your organization can see it on their calendars. It appears as "FYI only" for those who are not invited to it (useful as way of informing everyone in your org about why a number people may be absent or unavailable on a certain day).

Examples: Leadership events, conventions, off-site activities 

5. At the bottom of the Options column, you can indicate if you want to receive notifications for any comments posted on the notice and/or if you want to send a reminder to invitees on the day of the Event.


You can send an initial notification to all invitees once your Event has been posted. Just click on the Event and then click Notify in the action bar (next to “Edit”) and follow the steps provided. You can learn more about Notify here





6. After you have filled in all the Event information, go back to the Action Bar and select Publish to post your Event to the main Events view of everyone who is invited (or you can also choose to Preview, Save Draft, or Archive your Event).


NOTE—if you choose to send an email notification to all invitees, you'll have to confirm this option before the Event will be published:



Managing your Events

You can manage lists of your Draft, Scheduled, Future, Past, and Archived Events via Manage in the Action Bar. Right click on any item on these lists and you'll see what actions available to you. This feature can be useful if you need to republish an Event or if you want to use a past Event notice as a template for a new one.





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  • 0
    Marie-Eve Demers

    It is possible to create an event which repeats annually. We tried with every 12 months but that does not work.


    Edited by Marie-Eve Demers
  • 0
    Jostle Team

    Hi Marie-Eve. With Repeat Events, you can only schedule them up to one year from the initial Event date (so you can only create an annual event that repeats once).

    For example, if you select "Repeat: Monthly" and "Every: 12 months" and then entered "First instance: Aug. 30, 2018" then the "End after" field would automatically populate with "Aug. 30, 2019".

  • 0
    Jessica Sproat

    How does a Manager delete/remove an event they posted? 

  • 0
    Jostle Team

    Hi Jessica,

    To remove an upcoming Event:

    1. Go to EVENTS and in the Action Bar, click "Manage"

    2. From the Manage menu, select "Future" 

    3. Find the Event you want to remove and click the checkbox to its far left.

    4. Then go up to the Action Bar and click "Archive"

    This will remove the Event notice and it will no longer appear on the calendars of those who were invited.

  • 0
    Sophie Hunt


    How do you set up an event to be for information only rather than invite people... I'm thinking bank holidays here...

  • 0
    Jostle Team

    Hi Sophie,

    To create an Event notice for a holiday, you do it almost the same as you would a normal Event notice, but switch the RSVP option to "No". This will remove the Going/Maybe/Can't Go buttons and the RSVP totals, making it just a notice announcing everyone's "invited" to participate in the holiday, instead of an invitation that has to be replied to.

    For the rest, just title the Event the same name as the holiday, leave the Location blank (or enter something like "Not at the office") and for the Description, just put "Holiday" or "Enjoy your day off".

  • 0
    Kira Wright

    Can I invite another person after the event has already been published with a custom invite list? I see that I can edit the guest list, but when I click "continue", I only have the option to "archive" or "exit" from the event...? 


  • 0
    Jostle Team

    Hi Kira,

    You should be able to make those changes to the invite list. If only "Archive" and "Exit" are appearing enabled after you've edited the invitees, try making a change to the title or body of your Event as well (like adding an additional character). That should then trigger the "Save Draft" and "Publish" options to become enabled.

    If you still run into problems, please report the issue to our Support team via the link here:



  • 0
    Laken Upshaw

    Is there a way to batch email the guestlist/those who have marked "Going"?

  • 0
    Jostle Team

    Hi Laken,

    Currently you can only send follow-up Event emails to the original list of invitees. However, this feature has been requested in our Feature Request forum and is currently on our "to do" list. You can view the request via the link below, add your vote to show your support, and follow it for updates.


    Edited by Jostle Team
  • 0
    Bridgette Bobin

    Hi why when I am copying data from Word that does not have additional spacing in the paragraph it shows with additional spacing on the post? i.e. between Let us raise a glass and We'll toast there should be no line at all.

    Allied Holiday Party 2019


    Let us raise a glass to our successes for this year.

    We’ll toast to the holidays with friends and good cheer!


    Please join us for Holiday Cocktails & Hors d'oeuvres.

  • 0
    Jostle Team

    Hi Bridgette

    Sometimes the formatting in Word interferes with the formatting process in our Editor and causes problems like this. There are a couple of workarounds though:

    If you are copy-pasting your content, try using "Paste and match style" in your browser (Mac: command-shift-v, Windows: ctrl-shift-v) to remove the Word formatting from your content.

    Another option that can clean up the Word HTML is:

    1. Compose your article, including images, etc. in Word.
    2. Paste into this tool 
    3. Paste the output of this tool into the Body field of your Article.


    Hope these help out,


    Edited by Jostle Team
  • 0
    Nancy Conner

    Hello! Is there a way to set up an event without anyone receiving a "New Event" email notice? We want to post PTO on our calendar but not have the entire company receive an email for every new entry.

    Thank you!

  • 0
    Jostle Team

    Hi Nancy - leaving the Notification option "Notify invitees via email when event is created" unchecked will prevent the "must-see" notification from going out to everyone included in the Event.

    However, any users who have indicated in their Preferences that they wish to receive "All new Events items" notification emails will still receive a "New Event" notification, regardless.


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