Bonusly troubleshooting


Bonusly error messages

The following messages will appear if you have made an error while trying to issue a Bonus:


This amount is not allowed

  • You have entered a non-approved Bonus amount. Bonuses can only be issued for whole-number amounts.



Could not add Bonus...Email does not match 

  • You are trying to issue a Bonus to an individual whose Jostle and Bonusly account do not match. In order to have the accounts match, an individual’s Jostle work email address and Bonusly account email address must be identical



Hashtag cannot contain punctuation or whitespace 

  • You have created a custom hashtag with improper characters. If you are entering a custom hashtag, it cannot contain any white spaces or any punctuation other than a “-“/dash



Amount exceeds your balance 

  • You have entered an amount that exceeds your current balance or will exceed it when multiplied by the number of Bonus recipients (your current balance is displayed in the right corner above of the amount field)


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