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Bonusly is a peer-to-peer reward service that enables employees to use micro-bonuses as a way to recognize their coworkers. Once an organization has set up a Bonusly account, its employees are given a monthly allowance that they can then distribute as micro-bonuses. Employees who accumulate micro-bonuses can then exchange them for different types of rewards at Bonusly.

To learn more about Bonusly or to create a Bonusly account:

1. Click the Admin Settings link at the bottom of the Main Navigation

2. Then go to Integrations > Enable Bonusly Integration

3. Click the Learn more button



Bonusly integration

After you have created your Bonusly account, you will need to retrieve your API Access Token in order to link Bonusly to your Jostle account.

To integrate Bonusly:

1. Log into your Bonusly account

2. Click on Admin in the left navigation panel

3. On this page, do not select the Jostle button. Instead, scroll down to the If you want to code section and select API.                                                                                                                                                                                                             bonuslyapi2.png

4. In the Your API Access Tokens section, click on API

5. Click on “Create New API Access Token"


NOTEmake sure you do NOT check “Read Only” before you create your key

6. On the next screen, copy your API Access Token from the field at the top of the page and save it to your clipboard


NOTE—you must copy the token immediately because it will not be reproduced again and you will not be able to retrieve it once you navigate away from this page

7. Return to your Jostle instance and go to Administration Settings > Integrations > Enable Bonusly Integration

8. Scroll down to Add Bonusly API Access Token, paste your API token in the field provided and then click Save.


NOTE—if the Bonusly account that adds the token loses its Admin privileges, the token will no longer work.

Once your token is accepted, Bonusly will begin the process of matching your Bonusly User accounts with your Jostle User accounts. To successfully match, a User’s Bonusly account email address and Jostle account work email address must be identical.

If any problems do occur during the matching process, the results screen will provide access to detailed information that can be used to resolve the errors.


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