Embedding Library videos in News items (for Reporters and Editors)


Video files stored in Library can be easily embedded into a News Article, Events notice, or any similar content piece that supports HTML with an “Embed” function.


Embedding a Library video file into a News item

When creating a News item, you can embed a video file from Library in the body of your item as follows:

1. From the New Article form in News, save your draft then go to Library and locate your video file.

2. Right-click on the item and then select “Copy embed code” from the action menu.




3. Go back to News, open your article draft and place your cursor in the body where you want the embedded video to appear.

4. Then go to the format bar and click the “Embed” icon.




5. Paste the embed code in the HTML field provided, then scroll down and click the “Ok” button.




6. Edit or add text to your article and complete the rest of the form.




7. The Tile Preview will show you if an image was able to be pulled from your embedded file to be used as an image header. If none appears, you can manually add your own header (see how here).




8. Once you’ve completed the form, scroll up to the action bar. Select “Preview” if you want to see what your article will look like when published with your embedded video, then select the appropriate action to “Save”, “Publish” or “Archive” your article.


Embedding conditions and restrictions

  • There will be no “expand” or “view in full screen” function available for the embedded files (but all files can be downloaded and then viewed in full screen outside of the Article).
  • If the video you are embedding comes from a Library Volume with restricted visibility, then those permissions will remain when the video is embedded in the News item (or similar content) you are creating. For example, if you have a video in Library that is only visible to your Marketing team and you embed it into a company-wide News Article, everyone will be able to see that the video is embedded, but only those from Marketing will be able to view it.
  • Deleting a video file from Library will also remove it from anywhere it has been embedded.
  • Due to security policies regarding iFramed content, some embedded videos may not display properly—most notably, if the video is hosted on OneDrive or if the user is on the Safari browser. In cases like these, inserting a link in your News item to the video's location in your Library (use the "Copy link" option from its action menu) might be the best way to ensure your readers can view the video.
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