Reporting a problem


Have an issue? File a ticket.

Please don’t hesitate to file a ticket for any specific questions, problems, or bugs you observe.

This will help us understand, investigate and respond to your issue. Tickets help us look after our customers and improve our platform.

How to file a ticket

To file a ticket, please click on ?/Help at the bottom of the Main Navigation and then under Having a problem? click the Report a bug button.

Or send an email to

Best practices for filing a ticket

File a separate ticket for each specific issue.

Try to tell us how to observe (reproduce) the problem ourselves. Including a screen shot is very helpful.

Join the conversation

A ticket is a place for a discussion back and forth to understand and resolve the problem together. Often we will have questions, or need additional information from you, to fully pin down the problem.

Normally this conversation happens via email, but when things get complicated a phone call is important. Feel free to suggest a call and provide a number we can call you on. Note that our support team is not directly reachable by phone.

Tickets cannot progress to the resolution stage until we can understand and reproduce the problem.

Fixing bugs

Fixing bugs takes time. We must find the solution, test it, merge the fix into our next build, and then test it again.

Priority is set according to the seriousness of the trouble they are causing, and how many users are impacted. Less serious bugs may not be resolved for many months.

While we are fixing the problem we leave the ticket in a “pending” status. Once it is fixed, we will notify you and close the ticket.

Tracking your tickets

Note that you can track the progress of your tickets in our Support Center. Directly in the ticket is the best place to request updates, provide additional information, etc. Otherwise things tend to get lost in emails.

To find your tickets, go to the bottom of the Main Navigation and select Help > Support Center and click the Visit Support Center button. In the Support Center, click on My Activities (top right corner of the screen), and choose Requests. This will list all your open tickets, including their status and priority.

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    Jack Helmer



    I know team members are not available by phone, but what about for issues that are especially urgent? Is there a way in a report a bug feature to escalate? Thank you.

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    Brad Palmer

    Emailing is your most reliable way to escalate things, as required. In addition to our on-duty support person, a number of us on the senior leadership keep an eye open on new tickets arriving this way.


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    Brad Palmer

    Also sorry for our slow response here Jack -- I get the irony in that. :)


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