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Jostle is rolling out an updated version of News, which greatly restructures the framework of News items, moving from a classic editor to one that supports a "block compose" format.

As customers are moved to this new version of News, the format change will have an affect on how they can interact with the items they created in the previous version.

When accessing News items created in the classic version of News, users in the new version will still be able to do the followings:

  • open and view content
  • add "likes"
  • post comments

However, these previously-created items can no longer be:

  • edited
  • scheduled
  • saved as drafts
  • assigned any optional settings (e.g. "pinned" or "featured in banner") 
  • tracked for metrics/stats

NOTE—In the new version of News, News Admins can still archive classic News items just as they could before: by going to the "Published" table (via the action bar menu) and selecting the "Archive" option from the action menus for those items. 

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    In the new version of News, how do I archive previous "old"articles?

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    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Sanet,

    The "NOTE" at the end of the article above explains how you can still archive classic ("old") News items the same way as before. Those steps, in more detail, are as follows:

    1. Click on the action menu (three dots) in the top right corner of News and select "View Published"
    2. On the Published list, locate the article you want to archive (you can click on the filter icon to help narrow your search)
    3. Click the action menu that appears next to the title of the article and select "Archive"



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    Michael Harding

    I hate the new version of news. Please revert back or give us the option. 

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    Dan O'Shea

    I agree, Mike.  I can't readily create an article and add images.

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    Jean Philippe Bernard
    here is the notification a get whne i want to publish a form can you helpd me?
    28 erreur(s) trouvée(s)
    Avant de publier ou de planifier un élément d'actualité, veuillez corriger le(s) problème(s) suivant(s) :
    Il manque 9 sondage(s) dans une ou plusieurs options
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    Permanently deleted user

    Hi Jean Philippe,

    This means that you have included 9 polls/surveys in your article, but have not included any options in any of them for people to select. You will need to either remove the polls or add options to them in order to publish your article.

    For more information on polls, see this article. If you continue to run into problems, please contact so they can assist you further.


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